Kerry and British Conflict of old

At the start of the 20th century, Kerry was one of the counties most affected by the War of Independence in Ireland (1919–21) and Irish Civil War (1922–23).

In the war of Independence, the Irish Republican Army fought a guerrilla war against the Royal Irish Constabulary, and British military.

One of the more prominent incidents in the conflict in Kerry, were the “siege of Tralee” in November 1920. when the Black and Tans placed Tralee under curfew for a week, burned many homes and shot dead a number of local people in retaliation for the IRA killing of five local policemen the night before.

Another was the Headford Junction (killarney) ambush in spring 1921, when IRA units ambushed a train carrying British soldiers outside Killarney.

About ten British soldiers, three civilians and two IRA men were killed in the ensuing gun battle. Violence between the IRA and the British was ended in July 1921, but nine men, four British soldiers and five IRA men, were killed in a shootout in Castleisland on the day of the truce itself, indicating the bitterness of the conflict in Kerry.

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Some of the Sights and Walks in Kerry

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